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Professional range of enhancement products offering Acrylic and Gel systems. All Enhancement products are MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) free, more information about MMA Methyl Methacrylate or MMA is a chemical used in dental and medical procedures and is safe to use in these instances as the product cures away from living tissue, normally in the laboratory. For many years it has been used in the nail industry, most commonly found in the liquid monomer used, but also in gels. It has been found to cause severe skin irritations and reactions as well as damage to the nail bed and plate.

MMA is unsuitable for use in nail enhancements as the products do not adhere well to the natural nail plate. It requires the natural nail plate to be etched (the surface to be removed) to make the product bond. This can destroy the integrity of the natural nail underneath. MMA is so strong that the enhanced nail rarely breaks when trauma occurs, so tends to the lift the nail right out of the nail bed often causing permenant loss or damage. It is highly likely to cause over sensitization and contact dermatitis.

A much safer, cosmetic grade alternative EMA or Ethyl Methacrylate is available. This product is similar to MMA but has just a few extra atoms in the molecular chain which makes all the difference. EMA bonds to the natural nail without the nail plate having to be etched or thinned, is more flexible so takes trauma by flexing or breaking, leaving the natural nail relatively undamaged. As with all chemicals, some people may be allergic to EMA but as a whole the reactions are less common and less severe.

When choosing a salon, it is important that they are adhering to health and safety restrictions and that they are fully insured.
Never use a salon if : • Salon or nail technician is using products from an unlabeled or unmarked containers or cannot show you the original packaging.
• Salon or nail technician is using nail files, or other tools that are stored in dirty or contaminated containers or cannot explain their sanitisation and sterilisation procedures.
• Nail technicians using razors on a clients feet to remove calluses. Chiropodist or podiatrists are insured to use these on a clients feet. Nail technicians are not.
• Salons or Nail technicians who do not undertake a consultation procedure - if you have not had to sign a client consultation form, it is unlikely that the technician is insured.
• Nail technician does not sterilise their own hands as well as the clients.
• Cannot explain how they clean and disinfect their nail files, tools, clippers etc when asked.
• Nail technicians who put their fingers directly into jars or containers.

At present the nail industry is not regulated. A technician does not have to adhere to any common procedures or to any specific level of practice. This has meant that there are a few technicians who are not trained or insured. It is important for the client to be aware of what to look for when choosing a salon.

Absolute Acrylic
Contains EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) which bonds to the natural nail without the nail plate needing to be etched or thinned. Absolute Acrylic is more flexible so takes trauma by flexing or breaking, leaving the natural nail relatively undamaged.

Axxium Soak-off Lacquer Gel System
UV-cured soak off lacquer gel featuring OPI's most popular colours, which provides long lasting colour while giving additional strength to the natural nail. They can also be used on Axxium Gel and Absolute Acrylic. Longer lasting than polish alone. Fully dry with gloss sealer, therefore no drying time is needed. Can be used on hands or feet.

Minx Nail Fashion
A new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips. Sparkly metallics, personalized graphics and photo-quality designs currently unavailable in the market make up the Minx nail line. Made of flexible film, Minx finally gives women completely customized nails that can feature the exact pattern and colors of their newest gown, their favorite photo, or that season's hottest designs. Click here for the current available range.

When you no longer want to wear your enhancements it is highly recommended that you have them professionally removed. This ensures that all oils are put back into the nail and ensures minimal amount of damage. A nail treatment is added so that some strength is put back into the nail.

Nail extensions (OPI Axiom Gel or OPI Absolute Acrylic)

Express White Tips 27.50
Natural Tips 32.50
Natural Two Colour 37.50
Pink & White Tips 42.50


Infill & Rebalance £22.50
Pink & White Tips (Infill & Rebalance) 27.50

Natural Nail Overlay

Gel, Acrylic, Soak-off Gel Colour 27.50
Soak-off & new Gel 27.50
Soak-off 12.50

Removal of extensions and basic manicure


Tip repair

  from 3.00 per nail



Shape nails, preparation and application of your choice of Minx Nail Fashion.

Freehand nail art


Full set of nail gems


Nail extensions should not cause damage to your natural nails if applied, maintained and removed professionally. They will not improve or strengthen your nails as is sometimes advised. Nail extensions should not be considered as an alternative to natural nailcare.


All Prices include VAT charged at 20%

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